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Leominster Massage

Promoting Self care and Wellness


Restorative Yoga Massage 

60 min. $75.00 | 90 min. $125.00

Poses using bolsters, blocks, and blankets for joint support while Receiving assisted stretches

 & Massage.


 Regional Stretching Thai Modality Massage 

 90 min. $125.00

A combination of acupressure, restorative yoga, and sports assistive stretching integrated together 

Performed on a cushioned mat Traditional Thai massage style 


With Yoga Massage clients receive 

assisted stretches, body reflexology,

and regional massage, using bolsters, 

blankets and blocks to provide 

comfortable positioning to ensure 

a  relaxing restorative yoga environment. 

Health Line, on Sep. 23, 2020 quoted...

"By allowing time for longer asanas 

(postures or poses) and deeper breathing,

 restorative yoga helps elicit the relaxation 

response. This response can help slow 

breathing, reduce blood pressure, and 

produce a feeling of calm and increased 


Couples Massage Booking or Group booking

Couples booking             $45.00 - 60 Min         2 person Class

Friends booking              $45.00 - 90 Min         3 person Class

                                                                                                                                                                                           Prices per participant 


Yoga Massage Intake Forms

Breath        Stretch        Massage

Please fill out the Yoga Massage liability & Intake form.  Bring the Soap note form with you to class for your files, to be filled out by the Massage Therapist. 

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