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Gift of Love with Massage 

Give the Gift that last all year!

Year of Cheer 25% discount for booking 12

appointments in 2023 paid in full $630.00


2023 Monthly Maintenance Massage

No pre pay, instantly receive 20% disc.

on current treatment upon rebooking 

one month in advance. First booking 

is asked to start in 2023 

to validate this year long offer, 

ending in 12 months.

These coupons can be redeemed scheduling appointments from Client's Scheduling Page.



Year of Cheer, Gift Certificates

12 - 60 Min. sessions can accrue and may be

used later; Any unused accrued sessions is

asked to be booked before 60 days past the 1 year start date to not

be forfeited, but appointments may be dated out beyond

the 14th month to make sure you receive the full use of your purchase.  $630.00

Click the blue button below. 

          Monthly Maintenance - save 20%

Is a non-contract, completely voluntary, 

no obligation special.  Rebooking in a 

month receives health and monetary 

rewards.  If you wish to continue the 

savings, and can not book in a specific 

month, just book a date out in a way a 

month booking is not skipped.  



Love is giving, remember the caregiver who gives all year, 

to schedule time to provide care for yourself. Self-love is 

the wellness of the mind and body.

High-stress individuals; career deadlines, college students, 

pre-operation and post-operation, massage works to bring 

the body into homeostasis. To perform your best you need 

to obtain a healthy rest.

For the repetitive use individual; laborer, athletic, 

gym muscle fatigue, bringing overuse muscles back 

into balance through maintenance massages and will 

aid in reaching your phyical goals. 

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